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Our range of Services includes the following:

Environmental Site Assessments

Soil and groundwater investigations for:

Green Fields, Industrial Land, Horticultural Land, Residential Lots, Subdivisions, Large and Small Land Developments.

Soil contamination reports.

Contaminated Land Management

Soil disposal and appraisal options. Remediation option investigations.

Remediation Action Plans (RAP).

Environmental Management Plans (EMP).

Negotiations with local authorities.  

National Environmental Standard (NES) for Assessing and 
Managing Contaminants in Soil to Protect Human Health
Regulations 2011

The NES and Regulatory Environmental Requirements associated with large scale residential development, City infrastructure programmes, Industrial development and clean-ups.

Resource consent applications. 

Industrial Trade Activity - Consenting and Monitoring

Evaluation of the Trade Activity.

Negotiations with local authority, managing the Resource Consenting Process.

Ongoing Monitoring.

Environmental Due Dilligence

Land and Facility Environmental Compliance Audits.

Waste Management and Compliance Monitoring

Landfills: Post closure Compliance Management, Continuous Monitoring, Administering Resource Consents.

Resource Consent Investigations and Applications.

Our Mission is to facilitate in a cost effective and professional manner the restoration and maintenance of land and water from the impact of human endeavours where these may cause degradation in human health or the environment.